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Employees sit behind two, in some places even more monitors in modern offices nowadays. Who cares about the health of these people, who are facing four or more monitors daily?

There should be distance between the electric appliances and a workplace or at least a partition wall with the protective material between them.Where do all these wires run in open offices that can connect your computer somewhere in the middle of the room? It is worth knowing that electromagnetic fields are always formed around the wires where electricity flows through.

However, to reduce the impact of WIFI radiation in offices, it is better to use wired computers and radiation absorbing materials.

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Today we spend 90% of our time indoors, so it is very important how this environment looks and feels.                                              

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The effects of electromagnetic
Tarmo Koppel PhD study about the health effects of electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic waves according to frequency:
- extremely low and very low frequency waves
- radio frequency waves
- microwaves
- infrared radiation
- visible part, light
- ultraviolet radiation
- X-ray
- gamma radiation


The highest health risks are extremely low frequencies emitted by power lines, mobile masts and TV towers, also computer monitors with very low frequency.

Additional concern nowadays are 5G and IoT or Internet of Things. In Brussels for instance, 5G is not allowed.

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