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Man is also a bioelectric creature. Our heart and brain are regulated by internal bioelectric signals, measured by ECG and EEG by doctors. Living in an environment with artificial electromagnetic fields affects the basic biological processes of the human body. In some cases, it causes only discomfort, sleep disorders, loss of well-being, or metabolic degradation. In the other, it can cause serious illnesses such as cancer or Alzheimer's. It may interfere with the ability to conceive, cause miscarriage and changes in brain development in children. It has been shown that such exposures can damage not only our health but even the children of future children born to parents who are constantly living in the sphere of wireless internet or wifi.

Additional reading for future and young mothers:

EMF ABSORBENT WALLPAPER and CURTAINS to protect against 3G, 4G and 5G and Wifi fields
These materials do not need grounding

How to design a healthy home without causing health problems to its inhabitants? This phenomenon has been studied around the world for about 20 years. First of all, we should pay attention to the location of the new home, what is located around the house and possibly underground (geopathic stress). Are there strong electromagnetic fields in or around the house? If there is an older building, then one should look into what has been there before and what it is built onto, are building materials safe so that no harmful compounds are released from them. What materials and paints do we use?

It is difficult to find a pure natural background nowadays - one in which our ancestors lived only a few generations ago. Nowadays humans live in the 100 million times stronger artificially produced electromagnetic radiation field than a natural background in which people lived only half a century ago.


In addition to mobiles and WIFI, an electromagnetic fields are formed everywhere where electricity flows through the wire.


- Replace wireless WIFI with wired connections (phones, Internet, any home appliances, etc.). The cordless phone distributes strong electromagnetic radiation, even if you are not talking with it. Wifi is even worse than cell phone radiation because it works all the time, cellular radiation only when talking.

- Use absorbent materials, especially in large apartment buildings with dozens of different WIFI fields, or with remote smart meters, as well if your home is situated near high power lines or mobile masts.

- Do not leave household appliances stand-by if you are not using them.

- Do not overuse the remote control of household appliances.

- Make sure there are no fuse boxes or electrical switchboards on the other side of your bedroom wall.

- Nowadays it is possible to get electric switches, which remove electricity even from bedroom wiring so that there is no electric field during sleep.

We spend a third of our livesIn the bedroom, it should be a place of rest.

- A computer is not suitable for the bed!

- Limit electromagnetic radiation in the bedroom and in other places where you stay for a long time.

- If you have an alarm clock with radio, do not put it next to the bed. It is better to have an old fashioned clock with batteries and certainly not a mobile phone under your pillow.

- Do not use electric beds with metal frames. The best is a wooden frame and in the sense of electromagnetic radiation, even the metal springs of the mattress are not good either because they act as little antennas.

- No for electrical coverlets or heating pillows!


- Don't hold a mobile phone near your head, especially during sleep! Don't use it to watch games or movies.


- Baby monitors are not good things!

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