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The most vulnerable to artificial electric and electromagnetic fields are children because their immune system is still undeveloped. Long-term stay in strong artificial electromagnetic fields can lead to serious health damage, doctors and scientists around the world warn.                                                                                                                  In France, WIFI in kindergartens and smart devices in schools are forbidden. Hospitals, schools and libraries also want to ban WIFI in Israel, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, India and Australia.
Brussels stopped 5G installation.

Computer monitors emit very low frequencies but laptops, I-pods, mobiles and e-readers also have their own radiating field. When used in different rooms and on several floors, a Wifi field with unpredictable strength and impact is formed.


Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley, MD, talks about the impact of mobiles and wifi on children's health. She focuses on psychological, psychiatric and neurological conditions resulting from the use of electronic devices by children, such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, autism and obesity, all of which are due to lack of knowledge attempted to cure with medication..

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Barrie Trower is a British nuclear physicist and aformer military who specialized in microwaves and radar, taught advanced physics, including nuclear and atomic radiation and microwaves. Doctors, British police and private individuals have also begun to consult with him.

Trower's own doctor asked for help after two babies died at the same place of residence in five years. After investigating the matter, it turned out that behind the wall of the room was a microwave emitter that caused these sad events. Trower has many videos on microwave and WiFI dangers.

Websites about using WIFI in schools:

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